Our mentoring programme for young carers (aged 10-18) has started up again! We have been busy matching young carers with mentors since the end of September and shortly will have matched 14 mentors with young carers.  A mentor is someone to spend time with outside of the home environment every two weeks for a year! With a set monthly spending budget, this is an awesome opportunity to plan activities together, have fun and work towards personal goals. 
Photo of Cieran and his mentor James at Bowling - Cieran says "I am really enjoying spending time with James on the Mentoring Programme. He is easy to talk to and we have been having a lot of fun on our days out ; which have helped me relax . It's been good to get different views about life from my new friend". 
Please get in contact with Jess at if you would like to know more about having a mentor or becoming a volunteer mentor!