Advice & advocacy

We offer a comprehensive advice and advocacy service covering a wide range of issues:

  • welfare benefits
  • community care
  • charges for care services
  • NHS continuing care
  • housing rights/adaptations
  • charitable applications
  • powers of attorney
  • deputyship
  • carers’ employment rights

Members of the team are highly experienced and have legal and advice backgrounds.  Detailed advice is provided and ‘backed up’ with full support and advocacy to ensure carers obtain the services and help they require. 

For example, with welfare benefits, we provide:

  • assistance at each stage in the claims process
  • carrying out benefit checks
  • completing claim forms
  • providing advocacy at appeal hearings

Appeals are submitted on a wide range of issues including complex calculations, immigration status, and disputes around disability and caring and we assist carers by gathering evidence, preparing written representations and attending and representing them at tribunal hearings.  We have achieved very substantial financial gains for carers, from claims and appeals.

We also attend hearings and meetings on other diverse matters including education, employment and care needs and advise working carers, at flexible evening appointments, on employment matters such as flexible working, disability / carer discrimination and ‘better off’ working benefit calculations. 

Our dedicated team also support carers of young people with mental health and carers of adults with mental health or substance misuse.

We also influence changes in laws and policies affecting carers.  For example, members of the team attended consultation meetings on the government implementation of the Care Act and also meetings at the local Job Centre concerning benefit changes and the support for carers and we provide briefing sessions on changes impacting on carers, such as changes to benefits.