Ruils is a local charity that supports children and adults with disabilities and the elderly to live independently, be part of their community and to live life to the full. We provide information, advice, befriending and activities to our clients and their families.

They recognise that the pandemic has had a detrimental affect on the mental health of many people, so it is more important than ever to ensure that those who need support can access it.

This booklet was originally produced by a group of short and long term Ruils service users, who approached Ruils with an idea. They had struggled to negotiate their way through the complex web of mental health services and wanted to create a guide to help others who were in a similar circumstance to themselves. Inspired by an information booklet they had seen, and working with a team at Ruils, they set about on creating a pocket guide to mental health - Bridging the Gap.

The second edition of the Richmond booklet is available in PDF here 

They have also recently launched the Kingston version of this booklet which is available in PDF here

If you would like them to send you a printed handy pocket book version of either the Richmond or Kingston versions please contact them on 020 8831 6083 or email  

14:45, 25 Jun 2021 by Jo Maye