Adult Secondary Community Services Survey for carers of people with a mental health condition

Carers' experience

It is apparent to Kingston Mental Health Carers Forum (KMHCF) that the level of Mental Health care from local support services in Kingston sometimes falls short of the ideal, so we are conducting a survey of carers to determine their experience of Adult Secondary Community Services to both them and the person they care for.

By gauging the level of satisfaction or otherwise of this care and support we can then present our findings to SW London & St George's MH Trust at one of our regular meetings with their senior personnel.
In relevant sections of this document, you are welcome to express your views on any aspect of your experience, which we will hold for future use, but please note that the prime purpose of the present exercise is to examine Adult Secondary Community Services Care.

We appeal to all MH carers in Kingston to respond to this survey as by so doing we can endeavour to improve the level of care received by all. Dependent upon your answers, this will take up to about 5-10 minutes to complete.

All responses will be collated in anonymised form. You have the option of giving your details and entering a Prize Draw to win one prize of a £25 voucher. All who give their contact details will be sent a summary of the response data.

Your personal details will not be disclosed outside KMHCF without your express permission.

Complete the survey

11:20, 22 Apr 2022 by Jo Maye